Massage Services

We have crafted our own unique massage that features an eclectic mix of styles and philosophies we have had the pleasure of learning throughout our travels. We strive to achieve a state of oneness and inner peace through the fluidity of breath and touch.  We incorporate tantric breathing techniques and a relaxing yet revitalizing touch to restore the body’s natural energy flow. The regularities of everyday life can leave blockages that disrupt a continual energy flow. By relieving these blockages we are able to help our clients become more in tune with themselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It is important to understand that no two people can receive the same massage as body chemistry is individual and unique. Each massage therefore becomes its own experience; intuitive and specially tailored to each individual, male or female.

As human beings we can create spaces and experiences that are beautiful, filled with connection and meaning, and can transport us far beyond the limits of modern working life and even the physical realm.


A Massage style should be understood as the complete philosophy and way of life that comes with it. The following styles are amongst our greatest influences in both life and massage.

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi Massage centers itself around the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna; where everything seeks love and love seeks harmony. Loving Hands, like waves rolling over the body provide a gentle but deep muscle massage enabling you to give in mind, body and soul. Huna focuses on a continual energy flow, Lomi Lomi restores this flow by giving energy a new direction and releases blockages. Tensions and stresses are relieved in the blood and lymph flow which works to eliminate waste and toxins within the body. A Lomi Lomi masseuse will not only use her hands but forearms and other parts of the body to create a continuous, rhythmic flow, and is often performed as a dance.


Tantric philosophy can be applied to every aspect of life. It is centered upon the full commitment to the present moment and channeling mindfulness into every experience without expectation. It is not goal oriented and there are no rules on how to perform a tantric massage. Tantra only requires you to be open minded, present and caring. Tantra is an ancient practice that is essential to healing mental and physical problems as well as connecting the body, mind and soul.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is the most well known and common type of massage therapy. It is an extremely therapeutic technique and is centered around relaxing you mind and body. It also has numerous health benefits such as stress reduction and increased blood circulation. We incorporate some elements of Swedish Massage such as Effleurage and Petrissage but have chosen to leave out others such a Tapotement, Vibrations and Friction as we find that they do not fit well within a sensual setting.


With its focus on working the hands and feet, the power of Reflexology should not be underestimated. Reflexology focuses on massaging various areas on the feet and hands as they correspond to working other areas throughout the body. Placing pressure on a very specific area of the foot or hand triggers a reflex within the body, opening up blockages and enabling a continual energy flow. Zoku Shin Do places the foot as an integral source of the body’s Chi. The foot is a transition area between the energized Yin and the relaxed Yang meridians.  Korean Um Yang philosophy, much like the Chinese Yin and Yang focus on the ideal that reality may only exist within balanced opposing forces. There must be light and dark, love and hate, stability and flexibility, finality and eternity; Um and Yang. We seek to restore a continual energy flow, restore the natural balance of opposing forces, the balance of the Chi.


Four Hand Sensual Tantric Massage

This massage is very unique and something we are very proud to be known for. We have crafted this massage from our years of mixed experiences around the world. This massage focuses on the synchronization of everyone involved. Through pranayama breathing techniques we enter a meditative state, enabling us to reach a level of oneness. In order to truly release the body’s blockages and work to restore natural energy flows we choreograph our movements so that no part of the body is ever neglected. We have designed our massage as a mélange of our favorite styles and technique. We do not offer a naturist massage but the massage is indeed sensual from beginning to end. The experience is energetic, sensual and therapeutic. We aim to connect the mind and body leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

One-on-One Solo Session

This massage is much more intimate and at a slower pace. Similar to the Four-Hand service, the solo sessions are the perfect balance between sensual and spiritual, and aim to connect the mind and body. It is deeply inspired by Tantra, and utilizes its style, breathing techniques, and rhythm to create a truly unique atmosphere unlike any other massage experience. The One-on-One massages are an extension of our Four-Hand practice as you will experience what each of us specializes in and our own personal style. Each massage is tailored to our individual customer’s needs, which can be discuss prior to each session. The solo session focus on being in tune with the body chemistry of the individual, it may be slower or faster, lighter or deeper depending on the person.

Gentle Touch
We introduce you to a calm state of mind, lightly brushing across your body, synchronized hot breath heightening your senses. Our soft gentle touch gradually eases you into the next stage.
Flowing Energy
Applying our weight to major acupressure points we begin circulating your blood flow with effleurage and kneading from Swedish massage. Slowly we transfer into limb wrapping techniques from LomiLomi massage. This slow build up prepares your body for the sensual aspect.
Lingam Climax
In this stage we focus our attention on centering blood flow to the Root Chakra while maintaining intimate connection by staying near to the Heart Chakra. The massaging of the Lingam will connect the circle of sensitivity. By the combination of Root and Heart chakra your body and mind become one as you reach the highest peak of pleasure.
Slowly we bring you back down from the peak- with light gradual intimate touch. We often choose to finish with face massage addressing the Third Eye and Crown Chakra to complete the holistic connection.