“You can use your hands to bring immense pleasure to another human being without the coldness of traditional therapy and outside the intimacies of sex. There is a wide spectrum of human feeling between the poles of therapy and sex – I call it the sensual. Once you get past the absurd taboos that inhibit sensual expression in our society, you can use massage to bring pleasure to a great many people.” – Gordon Inkeles, author of The Art of Sensual Massage


Hi there! We are Leiah and Lily, and among many other things we are travelling tantrikas working between Toronto, New York, London and Singapore.

We incorporate many different elements from around the globe into my unique massage service. We aim to make each massage more of an experience than anything else. We don’t believe that any two people can receive the same massage; each person reacts differently to touch and has a unique body. Every massage is intuitive and customized to your individual needs. As human beings we can create spaces and experiences that are beautiful, filled with connection and meaning, and can transport us far beyond the limits of modern working life and even the physical realm.

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