What is the best way to book an appointment?
The best way to book an appointment is to write us an email at: kaliholistictherapy@gmail.com. Depending on the country we are currently in we may have a phone contact; which we only respond to SMS.

When setting up an appointment you must provide: your name, date, time, length, type of session and city location of the session you wish to book. We pride ourselves on respecting our clients’ time. We will reply to emails as promptly as possible. When we are traveling a longer response time should be expected.

We only book sessions with prospective clients who have fully read, understand and accept the terms of our website. Before booking a session it is required of you to read through our entire website to ensure you fully understand our philosophy, policies and services.

What are your working hours/days?
Please check our home page or travel schedule for dates and locations before requesting a session, as we may not be in your requested city! We book appointments from 7am to 10:30pm and sometimes later if requested. We never book sessions starting after 11pm. We are available for appointments only on the dates listed on the home page or travel schedule. If you are looking for something farther in advance, please email us to inquire. Please allow at least 24 hours in advance for booking. Last minute requests are not guaranteed. When booking a session please specify the city you are looking to book as sometimes we offer sessions in two places at once.

Where are you located?
To be sure what city we will be visiting please view our travel schedule or home page. We are always located in the downtown core or city center, and will provide the exact address once an appointment is booked.

How do I give you your gift? Can I gift with credit card or email transfer?
We only accept cash gifts. Payment is always done before the session begins.  Be a gentlemen and place the gift discreetly on a table, don’t make us have to ask for it.

Do you offer outcall or incall location?

We offer both outcall and incall locations. Incall sessions are where we provide the location, outcall are where the client provides the location. For outcall sessions we will only frequent hotels above 4 stars, and service apartments or condos with a concierge. The your full name, address and room number must be given when booking outcall locations. We require a $50 outcall additional fee for all outcall sessions to cover our time and transportation costs.

Do you have shower facilities?
Yes, we do! We require all of our clients have a refreshing shower before and after the session. We will provide you with clean, fresh towels and a choice of body wash. Please be  prepared to shower twice when you are here. Once before the session, to give an important scrub to your armpits and pelvic area, and another to wash off any oil or scents after the session. Even if you think you are clean, you are probably best to hop in the shower, as we are going to be really getting up close and personal with you.

Do you provide a naturist/nudist massage?
No I will not be nude, I perform the massage topless wearing a small Hawaiian style wrap skirt.

Do you provide a full-body massage?
Yes. In order to truly release the body’s blockages and work to restore natural energy flows our movements are choreographed so that no part of the body is ever neglected. We are confident that you will feel revitalized and refreshed at the end of our session!

Do you take female clients?

Yes. We offer our massage services to both male and female clients. We believe that each massage must be specifically tailored to its individual recipient. We provide our female clients with a safe space to connect to their feminine tantric energies.

How can I prepare before the session? Please practice good hygiene practices, be punctual and arrive at the time of your session, and refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods before your scheduled session.

How will I be dressed?
You may be dressed however you feel comfortable. Typically during the session our clients are un-draped, but as per your comfort you may be draped for as long as you’d like.

Do you offer intercourse or “extras”?
No, I do not ever offer intercourse or “extras”, our service is strictly massage. Please do not contact us for any services outside of massage. If you push our boundaries or make us uncomfortable in anyway, the session will be terminated without refund.

May I touch you?
Yes, a gentle mutual touch on legs, arms or back is fine. We do not accept anything invasive or aggressive, no touching of our breasts, anus or vaginas. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a safe space of mutual respect expect anyone who enters this space to do the same. If you push our boundaries or make us uncomfortable in anyway, the session will be terminated without refund.

May I have a discount on your gift rate?

We offer a luxury massage service,  professionalism, discretion and facilities of a certain caliber.  If you have chosen to engage us, and not another service (of which there are many to chose from!) then you should probably not ask this. It is extremely offensive, and disrespectful.

Are there any age requirements? 

Yes, we require that our clients be over the age of 18 or whatever the minimum age requirements are in your country. There is no set age limit, however we do require our clients to be in relatively fit shape. Anyone with heart or lung other health complications should email us first to discuss if this session is right for them.

I have eczema, is this an issue?

Please send us an email to discuss your potential accommodations. Typically eczema if not ‘weeping’ is okay, the oil we use is an all natural blend and promotes cell regrowth so is good for the skin. We can discuss the severity of your eczema in the email, but should be fine.

What type of oil do you use?

The oil we use is a blend of our favorite organic and essential oils. The oil is safe, and beneficial to the skin and hair. Our oil is unscented and comes off in the shower you are welcome to take after your session. We clean and change oil bowls, sheets and towels in between sessions in order to maintain our standard of cleanliness.