“Traveling ‘tantra’ bodyrub provider, only in town for a couple of days. One of those true ‘diamond in the rough’ experiences, especially as I was seeking that kind of deep, highly sensual bodyrub that would lift and elevate me. Not an interactive experience or anything like that, but when you want to bliss out, you can’t go wrong with Leiah.” – NYC
“Thank you so much Leiah for a truly unforgettable experience. You are a natural at what you do and incorporated such a variety of gentle touch and sensuous movement. I am truly blown away and cannot wait to book another session with you.” – Toronto
“After a few days of my session with Leiah, I felt that my performance in bed has considerably improved. I’m more relax, and more “giving”, more connected.I don’t really go to massages over here in Singapore because a lot of them are not genuine like you guys. It was a great feeling and I would like to maintain that.”- SingaporE
“I cannot thank you enough for the gift you gave me of your time, your energy, your caring, your sensuality, your grace, your beauty (couldn’t leave that one out). Please feel free t use this as a “review”. I went to see you because I wanted to be cared for, nurtured, aroused, opened, and frankly, blissed out. I received all of that, and in a way, something even deeper. I came away feeling restored, centered, grounded and capable of facing the problems that present themselves in life. For those seekers who flirt with erotic experiences as well as sensual ones, I’d throw down a challenge. I’d argue that if you are truly open to receiving pleasure, this experience is better than sex. Even just watching the fluidity and grace of your body movements as you re-positioned yourself while constantly touching me, caressing me, even teasing me, was fantastic. The moment at which you would lay on my as I was on my stomach felt very sensually charged and arousing, as well as loving. Amazing to feel so connected to someone I’ve just met – that’s open-ness and a willingness to share true intimacy, and it is rare to encounter it, even with a lover. I will long treasure this experience and look forward to your return. Namaste.” – NYC
Thanks for this experience of light, sweetness and presence. Tenderness,  A.” -Toronto
“I could tell from the first touch that Leiah had a natural gift. It has proven difficult to seek out true tantrikas. Leiah is one of those authentic gems you can only wish to grace your path”- Singapore
“I am lost for words. It has been 2 days and I can think about nothing else but the time with you. It was an absolutely amazing and life-altering experience. I could write many long and elaborate lines, but they will be all repeating the same. You are amazing and you made someone very very deeply happy. The physical encounter is astounding and shattering too, but it is secondary. The experience of the short, but so unbelievably strong emotional connection with you – is what I just can not get out of my head. Thank you again. Miss you.”- Singapore


I cannot stop thinking about Lilys warm and welcoming smile. She has such a kind and welcoming demeanor, makes you feel right at home when she greets you. Her touch is the perfect combination of  gentleness and sensuality. I always walk out of a session feeling like I am on a cloud!- Singapore
What  I just felt is a pretty hard feeling to describe. I just went to places I have never been physically and probably spiritually to. I probably need to get get in tune with that side of myself. My hands, forearms, and even my head started tingling, but in a different way than when you fall asleep on your arm of something like that. It felt really strange but amazing. Thank you Lily! – Singapore
As soon as Lily greeted me I immediately felt comfortable by her warm and welcoming nature. The session itself was very relaxing teetering on sensual. She has a natural touch, that knows how to knead you in all the right places. My session left me in utter bliss, I felt one with the world.- NYC
The best word to describe my experience would be -holistic. I am a big massage enthusiast, and frequent hotel spas and masseuses often. However I always find the experience a little sterile. With Lily  you get all the perks of a regular massage, but also a sense of oneness and wholeness after. The holistic nature of Lily’s massage gave it the perfect level of sensual and therapeutic-very intimate, very hot, very soothing. There are no extras, but if that’s what you are seeking then this experience is not for you. If you are seeking something more, a level of intimacy, connection and an experience that leaves you floating at the brink of reality then I would HIGHLY recommend.– Toronto  
“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful massage last week. I’ve been buzzing a bit since to be honest. The massage really opened me and like I said on the day, I felt an incredible connection with you. Thanks again.”- Toronto
“The last session with you was rejuvenating for both body and mind. You were beautiful , kind , down to earth , welcoming and the sensual massage was awesome even though YOU stayed respecting each other’s boundaries. THANK YOU LILY.” – SINGAPORE


“I have never experienced anything like that before. Worth every penny. Those who claim it’s too expensive…. have no idea what they’re missing. It feels like the warmest, most intense hug you could ever receive.” – Singapore
“That was amazing! So unique and such a natural flow, and you two were so synchronized, it felt like it was only one person. I couldn’t tell who was who at what moment. It is clear you two really know what you’re doing, and have a lot of experience. I wouldn’t think twice about making another appointment with you guys. Take care.” – NYC
“I felt like I was transported to a different world, I became a sultan worshiped by loving energies. A two hour session felt like a world, a whole life time I could have lived for ever. What you two offer is definitely special! The care, the effort and love that you two pour into your work has left me glowing days after. I am so blessed to have had this experience! Namaste.” – Montreal
“Definitely a unique experience I am glad to have hard. Pressure and rhythm so in synch! Sometimes I felt like I was being touched by a massive feather, others being wrapped by a big warm hug!”- NYC