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My name is Lily, and I grew up in the bustling heart of  a city center in eastern Canada.  My life was always a hustle and bustle mix of different cultures and arts. In my life there has always been an emphasis on travelling to many different countries, France, London, the USA,  the Mediterranean and Asia. However as with many large cities there is so much pressure put on succeeding in the rat race, and after graduating from university I dived in head first into a corporate culture to try to climb my way through the ranks. Although on paper I was succeeding I felt an utter emptiness and loneliness taking over me. I could not find satisfaction in my career life, my energy was at an all time low and I could not see any happiness or purpose on the horizon.

In 2011 I decided to take a leave of absence and travel to in search of respite from my regular life. Through the power of chance and perhaps fate I ended up at a tantric mediation retreat in Daegu Korea. This is where I reconnected with Leiah. With her guidance as well as the tools I garnered from the retreat I began to think about tantra and the Korean philosophy of Um Yang. I began reflecting on energy, spirituality, humanity, purpose and existence. When I reflected on what was lacking in my previous corporate 9-5 life I began to realize a huge part of my discontent was the disconnect between myself and other people. I realized that I had been going days and weeks without experiencing the touch of another person. I realized I had been craving connection and began to research tantric practices and delved into the realm of therapeutic touch. Through Leiah I was able to try holistic healing massage for myself and realized that this was for me. I looked inwards towards myself and I began to travel by myself and with Leiah, through  Thailand, Cambodia, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Europe studying the different philosophies and cultures of each region. Every culture has its own version of holistic massage, further highlighting the importance of value of touch across the human consciousness. My own technique has become an amalgamation of the most intimate and soothing practices of each school as well as a blend of my own personal sensuality. I believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than authentic buzz of sensuality and two human beings connecting, and that touch in itself is one of the most powerful gifts we have been given,  I practice gratitude everyday for the beautiful journey life has taken me on, and for the mentors that have crossed my path. I hope to see much more of the world and share this gift with other people.


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