Hi my name is Leiah! I am a travelling tantrika, offering my healing sessions as I travel the world. I grew up in an open minded creative family in northern Ontario. I’ve always been encouraged to view life from an alternative perspective and embrace my own creative spirit. I have been so fortunate to stumble upon my own path in life and do something I am very passionate about. As a tantrika I am able to live of life of healing, beauty and creativity.

 My Travels

I began my life abroad in Switzerland teaching art and English in summer camps for children. This experience taught me the healing power of art and nature, from there I began to branch off and pursue more holistic teaching projects. I worked and explored more of Switzerland, moving to Austria, Germany and South Western France. I eventually found myself joining holistic healing and massage retreats and programs within Northern Europe, where I would eventually meet Kali. After learning Swedish Massage during our stay in Sweden I decided it was time to explore Asia and left for South Korea.

My life in Korea began with me teaching English; exploring the cities and country side, learning a bit of the language and eating lots of food. I was able to again explore holistic healing and massage teachings. I follow the Korean philosophy of Um Yang and believe in the power of a continual energy flow. I eventually began to travel throughout Asia living and working in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Due to their shared histories and similar cultures, balanced energies and a continual state of “oneness” are central to many Asian holistic philosophies.

The techniques and philosophies I have gained from my eastern travels act as a collaborative tool and addition to Lily’s practice. For the past couple years Lily and I have been working together in Canada, the United States, and in Singapore. I am also a practicing artist, much of my work is inspired by the power of human connection. In my spare time I enjoy filling my life with art, (mostly printmaking, installation and sculpture), taking time to enjoy nature and the beautiful people around me

Asian Travels

European Adventures

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